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    PhytoMed Health is dedicated to manufacturing natural health products, and provides a full and comprehensive contract manufacturing services for both the domestic and international markets.

“Quality is everything at PhytoMed Health. “

    All natural ingredients of the highest grade and consistency are used in our health supplements and skincare. Our production lines are under supervision by the GMP quality control system which inspects our production facilities on a regular basis. Each step in our production line strictly complies with the GMP standard and is monitored to ensure that the finished product is safe, reliable and consistent. In addition, we have a Risk Management Program to ensure the safety of our products and our most important asset – our team at PhytoMed Health.

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Manufacturing Mode and Standards

    We practice Just-In-Time manufacturing which allows us to trace our cost of production and keep finished goods under control, thereby directly lowering costs for our customers. Manufacturing Our Company has certified GMP pharmaceutical factories in North America, UK and manufactures a wide variety of finished dosage generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients at these facilities, under our label and also under our clients’ private labels. Our Company also maintains purchasing, sales & distribution offices in the North America, UK and Hong Kong. PhytoMed Health is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical, botanical and OTC products with global reach. We formulate and manufacture high quality pharmaceutical products. The experience of our senior-level staff and the raw power of our technology make us a valued partner in transforming your vision into reality and business success.

    From the moment raw ingredients enter the segregated receiving area to the time your finished products are shipped, PhytoMed Health’s comprehensive quality assurance program and strict cGMP-certified controls ensure that your products meet your exacting standards. Every ingredient and step of the production process is validated and verified at our on-site laboratories, and historical samples and complete documentation are archived for each batch.

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Our Quality Assurance Process

• Raw Materials – Raw materials are quarantined and tested in our in-house laboratories utilizing FT-NIR (Fourier Transform-Near Infrared) technology.

• Lot Number Control – Unique lot numbers enable each vitamin and supplement to be traced from raw materials to finished, packaged product.

• In-Process – The manufacturing process is continuously and actively monitored by Quality Assurance inspectors to ensure good manufacturing standards are maintained at every step.

• Finished Product – Your finished product is inspected and tested, and the test results are reported in the Certificate of Analysis that is submitted to you for each batch of product produced. Packaged products undergo additional inspection before being released for shipping. At PhytoMed Health, product safety is our first priority. We accomplish this by conducting rigorous internal audits, stability studies, equipment and process validation tests, environmental monitoring, water quality compliance studies, and full metal detection of finished product. The end result: On-time delivery of the highest quality supplements from the industry’s most trusted name in nutritional manufacturing, PhytoMed Health.

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